Campus Broadsided @ UAF is the pilot of an initiative affiliated with Broadsided Press to get universities and colleges involved with broadsides and poetry and public art. We create PDFs of our single-sheet publications that will be displayed and distributed around campus and on the web. Please visit the Broadsided Press website at for terrific examples of broadsides.

Campus Broadsided @ UAF seeks poetry and prose that is evocative, riveting, and not too esoteric.

Broadsides are up around campus and out on the streets, and we hope that they compel all kinds of people to stop, read, and consider. We want them to draw in readers, not push them away. That said, we want smart, difficult work. Work that challenges and speaks strongly.

Even if your poem/story has been published elsewhere in a journal or collection, we are still happy to consider it. Just let us know who we should credit.

Send your poems of 25 lines or fewer (shorter is better for Campus Broadsided @ UAF collaborations because it allows the reader time and space for both words and images) in the body of an email to 3-5 poems at the most, please. We know that email can wreak havoc with line breaks, but we will trust that the essence of your work will carry through. When your poem is accepted, we’ll begin dealing in attachments.

Send your 250 words of prose (or fewer) in the body of an email to We know that a snippet of story or essay cannot convey the full complexity of your work. Although the broadside will have at the most 250 words, we are more than happy to put the rest of your text online. If you choose to send a story in its entirety, please begin with the section that you think is appropriate to broadside.

LESS IS MORE: For our format (on one sheet of paper, designed to be read by someone strolling by) short pieces work best. It gives us more space to play with design, more rest for the eye, a more open invitation to passersby.

Please include a bio in your email. The Campus Broadsided @ UAF bio will be quite short, but we can put a longer note online.

We will do our best to respond within 4-6 weeks.


From May 15 – September 15, we do not accept submissions. We look forward to reading your work in the fall!

Upon Acceptance

An artist affiliated with UAF, either student, teacher or alum, will respond to your work visually, and then your poem/story/essay will be Broadsided (made into a unique visual/literary document). The artists involved with this project are all talented individuals in whom we have both faith and confidence–because our goal is to have the Broadside be a commingling of literary and visual art, we want to give the artists as much freedom as possible. Therefore, you will not be in correspondence with the artist during the process. Sit back and see what happens!

You will be expected to email us a photo of your Campus Broadsided @ UAF collaboration up in your neighborhood, preferably with you in the image. And we hope you spread the word among your family and friends about Campus Broadsided @ UAF and Broadsided Press. We want you to be part of putting words and art on the streets.

Once your work is Broadsided, it will be displayed around campus in places designated as Campus Broadsided @ UAF galleries alongside broadsides published by Broadsided Press. We encourage you to distribute them on walls and telephone poles. And your broadside will be saved on this site as a PDF for others to download, enjoy and post for all time.



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